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Facebook is not Twitter!

FB is not TwitterThe lines are getting blurred between Facebook and twitter.   Just this week Facebook’s photo-sharing application Instagram added video capabilities, copying twitter’s Vine app.   Now hashtags, common for years in twitter, have come to Facebook.

 That’s fine as far as it goes, but we need to be clear on how and when each platform is best.

On Friday each week, twitter users have become used to seeing the hashtag #FF, (standing for Follow Friday), where users recommend other twitter accounts to their followers.  It’s a good social thing to do, it spreads the word and everyone appreciates a mention in a #FF tweet.

But today I saw Facebook posts with #FF, mentioning lots of twitter accounts.   Why?

This is just lazy marketing and, I believe, likely to hack off a lot of Facebook fans who do not want to see twitter-style posts cluttering their news feed.  If you want to use hashtags on Facebook go ahead, but use them sparingly and above all think before you post – is a list of twitter accounts really useful to your Facebook fans?

The two platforms exist for different purposes and different audiences, please don’t start annoying and losing Facebook fans just because the facility is there – keep your tweets on twitter and your posts on Facebook.