Who are Bite?

Bite Social Media is run by Beverley Ames-Rooks.


Bev is a keen follower of Social Media which prompted her to create Bite Social Media a few years ago. She was selected by the BBC to appear on their “Inside Facebook” programme on BBC2 in December 2011. Before getting into the world of social media, Bev helped her husband Martin run his retail company Villa & Hut (Rooks Barn) which gives her a huge advantage when dealing with businesses, as she has a hands on understanding of how things tick over on a day to day basis.  She has also been a PA and has a passion for work in the medical field.  Bev has two children, a daughter Rebekah & a grown up son Brad a musician (drummer) with The Tens

Inside Facebook 2011 BBC2 – Beverley Ames-Rooks chatting to Emily Maitlis
from Beverley Ames-Rooks on Vimeo.


Beverley is helped on a daily basis by Aruba, her Rhodesian Ridgeback.